When and where is Hands Off The Wall happening? 

Painting will happen Between 30. July to 1. of August 2021, at 23 differnt walls located all over Werksviertel Mitte in Munich Germany.

Visiting: Murals by our artists will be visible to the public starting from the 1st of August 2021. 

31. Juli. in front of Gambino hotel. Please send us an Email with your registration to or call Magdalena Waller +49 176 241 999 01

Zum Auftakt laden die Hands Off The Wall Festival-Leitung Chinagirl Tile sowie die Festivalpartner zu einem Pressegespräch mit anschließendem Rundgang am Samstag, den 31. Juli um 10 Uhr vor dem gambino Hotel ein. Die Künstlerinnen werden während des Rundgangs vor Ort an ihren Wänden malen. Um Anmeldung zum Pressetermin wird ausdrücklich gebeten: per Mail an oder bei Magdalena Waller per Telefon unter +49 176 241 999 01. 


Festival Rules:

The Lineup for 2021 is full. Applications for this year are closed.

I identify as a woman can I apply? 
YES, we do not discriminate. What is between your legs does not concern us.

I'm a woman does my sexual orientation matter? 
NO, we do not discriminate. Who you fall in love with is non of our business.

My crew is mixed gender can we still apply? 
YES, we do not discriminate. We believe that working together is the goal and should be the norm. If you already do that, you are a great example how it should be done.

I'm a male painter, identify as one and are not part of a mixed crew. I still want to paint at your festival, can I apply? 
YES, but we will give you obstacles. Only if your work deals with the complex theme of being a women in society or the art world or is relevant to women and if you are willing to show up dressed up in skirt, heels and a wig. This is to show you truly support women in arts. If that is the case you are more than welcome.

YES and NO. Women have to jump through countless hoops and obstacles to make their mark in the art world. Straight white men usually don't experience how it feels to be left out because of gender. Nor do they experience the feeling of only being considered worthy for festivals if they are eye candy and posing sexy in front of their pieces. If you are willing to see how it feels for a day to switch place with a woman in the art world, you are very welcome to be part of Hands Off The Wall. We are proud to have men at our sides who want to fight with us against discrimination. These men also have a sense of humor, so should you if you choose to apply as a straight man to a festival for women.

I want to help and support Hands Off The Wall can I help? 
YES, we are always happy for helping hands, if you wan't to support for example by painting walls white, help with social media performance or help the female artists on sight as a HOTW crew member. We are very happy to have you on board. Please contact:

If you want to help Hands Off The Wall with sponsorship proposals and money donations please contact us at or call Mag. Caroline Taschler at +43 676-3353292

Who is behind Hands Off The Wall?
Hands Off The Wall is the brainchild of the Austrian artist Chinagirl Tile. Together with filmmaker Nadine Taschler and Peter Taschler she formed the non profit Verein „HANDS OFF THE WALL, Verein zur Förderung von Kunst von Frauen“. Together the put the spotlight on female artists and strive to changed the Art Scene for good.

Artist information:

As a painter when do I have to be in Munich?  
Arrival: between Thursday 29th and Friday 30th of July. Check out 2nd August. 

You will stay at gambino hotel next to the venue.

Festival introduction & meeting the artists: 30th of July. Meeting point 09:00 in front of the gambino hotel lobby. PR Meeting Saturday 10:00 in front of gambino Hotel.

As a painter I'm entitled to colors and materials needed to paint, how does this work? 
We will send you a list of cans you can choose from. Send us the info before the 1st of July and we will order and pay them for you. Pick up is directly with us.

What if I need more cans? 
We have a variety of cans available for you.

What if I need extra art-supplies?
There's a Boesner art supply shop directly at the venue. They have everything from brushes to spray paint cans. Opening times 10:00-18:30. You should find everything you need there. For more advanced requests there are some builders markets not to far from the venue.

I work with emulsion, tiles or other mediums how does that work? 
We do have a variety of brush colors and half used spray paint cans available. Please check with us for the color range.

When working with different materials than cans do I need to bring them myself? 
Possibly, but give us a shout. We still have lots of materials from last year.

How big are the walls? 
Our walls are in different shape and size. You will get an email with your wall and sizes.