When and where is Hands Off The Wall happening? 

Paint Jam: On Sunday the 7th of July 2019 between 9am to 6pm at Yppenplatz, 1160 Wien Austria.

Takeover at Wien Museum: Murals by our artists will be open to the public free of charge at 'Takeover Show' at Wien Museum from 4th of July to 1st of September. 

Free Spray Paint Workshop for girls/women at 'Ebner-Eschbach-Area/Stage No.8' at Donauinselfest on 22nd and 23rd of Jun 2019 between 11am to 5:30pm. 

When is the deadline to apply for Hands Off The Wall?
The call has closed on 23rd of May 2019.

What Infos do I need to send you?
1. a work example/ with max 4 pictures. 
2. Your artist/crew name..
3. Tell us what medium you work with (Spraypaint, Emulsion, other materials) 
4. Your country of origin or the country you are currently living in. 
5. For foreign artists who want to apply for the Chinagirl Tile sponsorship. Please state why you want to apply for the grant.
6. For Austrian artists only! Please state if you already are part of Wien Museum's Takeover.


When will I know if I'm in?
On the 25th of May.

You said sponsorship/grant?
There is a 130€ grant coming directly from Chinagirl Tile to help with travel and accommodation costs for non Austrian artists. The money will be payed to the winner in Cash at the day of the Paint Jam. The winner is responsible to book their own flights and hotels, and is only entitled to the money if they show up and paint at the Jam. If for any reason the winner does not show up the money goes to the next artist in line selected by Chinagirl Tile. The winner is responsible to pay taxes on her own according to he law of their country of origin. If you want to apply please state why you want to apply to the grant in your application.

Why is Hands off the Wall is happening inside of Wien Museum? 
Wien Museums invited us to be art of their Takeover show. The concept of this show is that different Paint Jams and activities will happen during the 2 month duration of their project. Hands Off The Wall is one of them.

As a painter when do I have to be at Yppenplatz? 
Meeting point is at 9am in front of the "Wiener Wand" at Yppenplatz. Painting is possible between 9am and 7pm.

As a painter I'm entitled to 6 cans, how does this work? 
We will send you a list of cans you can choose from. Send us the info and we will order and pay them for you. You either can pick your cans up before Wednesday the 3rd of July at Montana store Vienna, Schottenfeldgasse 58/1 1070 Wien or with us at the museum on Sunday.

What if I need more cans? 
If you want more cans you can order them with the other 6 but you'd need to go pay and pick the extra cans up at Montana store beforehand latest on the 3rd of July. We will not bring cans that have not been paid for with us to the Paint Jam.

I work with emulsion, tiles or other mediums can I still apply? 
YES, please tell us exactly with what materials you work, and how much your production costs are. We will try to cover roughly the same costs as we would for six spray paint cans.

When working with different materials than cans do I need to bring them myself? 
Possibly, but give us a shout. We still have lots of materials from last year.

How big are the walls? 
The sizes of the walls differs. Over all we have walls starting from 1,5m width 4m to paint.

My crew is mixed gender can we still apply? 
YES, we do not discriminate. We belief that working together is the goal and should be the norm. If you already do that, you are a great example how it should be done.

I identify as a woman can I apply? 
YES, we do not discriminate. What is between your legs does not concern us.

I'm a woman does my sexual orientation matter? 
NO, we do not discriminate. Who you fall in love with is non of our business.

I'm a male painter, identify as one and are not part of a mixed crew. I still want to paint at your festival, can I apply? 
YES, but we will give you obstacles. Only if your work deals with the complex theme of being a women in society or the art world or is relevant to women and if you are willing to show up dressed up in skirt, heels and a wig. This is to show you truly support women in arts. If that is the case you are more than welcome.

YES and NO. Women have to jump through countless hoops and obstacles to make their mark in the art world. Straight white men usually don't experience how it feels to be left out because of gender. Nor do they experience the feeling of only being considered worthy for festivals if they are eye candy and posing sexy in front of their pieces. If you are willing to see how it feels for a day to switch place with a woman in the art world, you are very welcome to be part of Hands Off The Wall. We are proud to have men at our sides who want to fight with us against discrimination. These men also have a sens of humor, so should you if you choose to apply as a straight man to a festival for women.

I want to help and support Hands Off The Wall can I help? 
YES, we are always happy for helping hands, if you wan't to support for example by painting walls white, help with social media performance or help the female artists on sight as a HOTW crew member. We are very happy to have you on board. Please contact:

If you want to help Hands Off The Wall with sponsorship proposals and money donations please contact us at or call Mag. Caroline Taschler at +43 676-3353292

Who is behind Hands Off The Wall?
Hands Off The Wall is the brainchild of the Austrian artist Chinagirl Tile and brought to life in 2018 with the help of the Austrian Chef cook Friederike Seiler. Together Chinagirl Tile, Friederike Seiler and filmmaker Nadine Taschler formed the non profit Verein „HANDS OFF THE WALL, Verein zur Förderung von Kunst von Frauen“. Together the put the spotlight on female artists and strive to changed the Austrian Art Scene for good.

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